September 25, 2017


EPOS Software Solutions

WINPOS Front End EPOS Software

Our WINPOS till software makes it easy for your cashiers to serve customers quickly and provide a great experience in your store. With a very simple and clutter free screen, the power of our WINPOS software will give you that ability to keep both cashiers and customers happy. Years of experience and development give our software many advantages.

  • Real time sales, stock and price updates keep you firmly in control
  • Full range of promotions, deals and discounts available from all tills
  • Define your own screen layouts and colour schemes
  • Customer accounts function offering credit and discount instore options
  • Prompt messages to check sell by date on short dated items
  • Multi-buys and meal deals scanned through the tills, like the supermarkets
  • Stock adjustment done on the tills
  • Age restiction on alcohol and cigarette sales
  • Full Cashier control, accountability and cashing up

Retail Manager Back-Office Software

RM2, our back-office software has been continuously developed since 2008 making it a stable and, although feature rich, very user-friendly solution for your store. There are over 1000 convenience stores and supermarkets across the UK using RM2.

Developed with direct feedback from retailers who successfully own and manage their single or multi-site stores, together with over 30 years of experience of software solutions and support for them, ITS have been able to design a product to keep you one step ahead of your competitors and save you time and money.

  • Electronic links available to all major symbol group and delivered wholesale partners. This includes online ordering, delivery notes and cost/RRP change notifications
  • Quick and easy price changes and low margin checks. Check your prices against RRP as items are delivered
  • Merchandise your store to maximise fast selling and more profitable items. Find those slow selling or low margin products you can remove or change your supplier
  • Easy and clear to use, designed for busy retailers
  • Margin and price reviews can be done numerous ways, either by section, product, supplier RRP or by profit. RM2 gives you the tools you need

Multi-Site Software

For retailers with more than one store, we provide a multi-site solution that allows you to control product range, price strategy and have access to detailed sales and margin analysis from one central location. There are many retailers using our multi-site software, ranging from 2 to 30 store operators.

  • Flexible multisite software, strict central control or branch flexibility
  • Price, promotion and range control across all sites
  • Save time and money by doing the same things once
  • Full reporting for all stores centrally, access to live sales and stock
  • Harmonised pricing across stores, with focused control of your stores margins
  • Branches can have different prices to remain competitive locally
  • Promotions and deals centrally controlled

Picco Software

Our picco software is specially designed to make your life easier. We’ve incorporated multiple functionailties to save you time, allowing you to invest in other areas.

  • Add products on the move
  • Create orders
  • Stock checks and changes
  • Book in deliveries

Software Conversion

One of our specialities has always been our ability to provide software-only conversions for customers wanting to have access to the powerful capabilities of RM2 and WINPOS without the costly need to replace all their existing hardware. We have converted so many systems over the years that there very few we haven’t experience of. We can extract the data from your existing system and have you up and running very quickly on RM2. Your old software can still be accessed should you need to, so you have nothing to lose, and all to gain!

  • Keep all your existing hardware, no need for costly replaced of equipment
  • We will extract your products and prices from your old system and bring these across to RM2 and Winpos
  • Minimum disruption, quick and easy change over
  • Training given so you can continue to operate after changeover

Self Checkout Software (coming soon!)

News Round Software

For News and magazine retailers we can offer flexible solutions for managing deliveries, pricing, stock control and more. For those operating a fuller operation including news rounds and news accounts we offer a comprehensive solution and setup training to get your started.

  • For retailers offering instore news and magazines only, an automated download can deliver the latest titles and prices direct to your tills daily so they scan with no maintenance required. Supplier deliveries can be added using your downloaded delivery notes and sales are reported directly into RM2
  • For managing larger news and magazine operations including News account customers and rounds, News Slave provides a fully featured solution with the ability to create and manage rounds, holidays and payments through the tills and full stock control of your range

Fuel Software (coming soon!)

Hospitality Software (coming soon!)

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