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About us

Who we are

ITS are a leading EPOS provider and was established in 1992 by Ian Pollard and Tanveer Mirza. Predominantly specialising in tailored EPOS solutions for the convenience retail market.We currently have a customer base of 1400 retailers across the UK and we support these from our Huddersfield office where we employ 28 staff.

What we do

ITS integrate with many symbol groups and wholesalers offering electronic ordering/deliveries and price updates direct. These include Nisa, Costcutter, Premier, BestOne, Batleys, Spar, Londis, Keystores, Day Today, Blakemore and Parfetts. For Fuel retailers, we work closely with both Tokheim and HTEC and have the ability to integrate our RM2 back office software with their front end fuel solutions.

How we started

In 1992 a partnership between Toshiba and IT Retail Systems began and this was born out of a shared commitment to provide tailored solutions to the convenience store market. Since 1992 we have worked together to supply powerful and innovative one-stop EPOS solutions customised for the demanding convenience store environment.


Any EPOS solution is only as good as the support available with it. Our first class multilingual support team can assist and answer any question you have, no matter how big or small. We provide online support straight to your pc and tills.

Single Site Software

We have created a perfect solution for Convenience and Supermarket retailers. Our Retail Manager back office (RM2) is easy to use and maintain, but still provides you with comprehensive reporting and stock control. Our Winpos EPOS till software is so easy for your cashiers to use, but gives you the security you need.

Multi site Software

For retailers with more than one store, we provide a multi-site solution that allows you to control product range, price strategy and have access to detailed sales and margin analysis from one central location. There are many retailers using our multi-site software, ranging from 2 to 30 store operators.


We provide quality, reliable EPOS hardware at an affordable price ranging from scanners to wireless terminals. This can be installed on your counter tops or checkouts to give the maximum clutter free appearance and professional look to your store. With our hardware partners including Dell, Toshiba and Posiflex, you are in great hands.


ITS has teamed up with HTEC and Tokheim as leading forecourt till and management systems providers to enable stores with petrol forecourts to get the most out of store management technology.


During the installation of our EPOS solutions, we will provide training to get you up and running quickly. We also offer training based in our offices in Huddersfield any time you require, whether you want more advanced and in-depth training on stock control and management or simply want to train new staff/have a refresher for yourself!

Working with symbol groups and independent retailers since 1992


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