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Urgent Action required by Datacash Integrated Payment customers!



Dear Retailer,

Just before Christmas we were informed by Datacash (Mastercard) that there was some new legislation in place which needed to be enforced in the very near future.

We now have more details regarding this change including a deadline for which all work needs to be completed by.

As you are all aware, windows XP is no longer supported and Microsoft are no longer doing any updates on it. It has been identified that the windows XP system is open to breach therefore the PCI DSS council has stipulated that it will no longer allow credit card integration to windows XP machines.

On the 8th April 2018, Datacash will be upgrading their servers with the new software hence any pin pads linked to a windows XP till will no longer work.This is a fixed deadline that has been set by mastercard and nothing ITS can do anything about as we are not making any of these rules.

ITS have been advised to work on various options, one of which is to have at least one machine with windows 7 or above on the network. This may not meet all the PCI requirements however it will allow you to carry on using integrated cards with minimum costs.

Your options are

  1. Do nothing and order a standalone bank machine.

  2. Upgrade your till/s to a newer one which already has windows 7 or above.

  3. Upgrade your back office to a windows 7 or above.

  4. Install pin pads on a network using different cables and a modified software (this may not be 100% pci compliant however, the solution will work)

Please be aware we have over 1200 pin pads out there and we have been given 12 weeks to upgrade all our members.This will be done on a first come first serve basis so to avoid disruption we advise you take action immediately.

Should you require any more information then please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01484 468710

Urgent action required by Datacash Card Payment customers! See home page for details.