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Shelf Edge Labels and Talkers

Our software provides high quality, professional shelf edge labels and point of sale, which will enhance the overall look of your store and provide clear and concise pricing for your customers.


High quality and professional

The labels can be produced in both black with grey shading, or full colour.

Point Of Sale Talkers and posters can be produced for promotions and specials. Your company or trading logo can be added to provide a uniform image across the store.

Save time, paper and staff

Manage all areas with complete ease

You can stop labels being printed for areas of the store that have alternative pricing displayed, such as your tobacco gantry. For promotions, you can choose to print new labels or use your supplier provided POS. Labels which are not required can be saved to a green batch and recalled if you later decide you need them.

You can review a list of all labels to be printed, so if there are any you do not require you do not need to print them.

Audit reports are created when labels are printed, so you can always check to make sure all labels that are required have been printed.


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