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Piccolink Wireless Scanner

With the Piccolink handheld scanner, you have the freedom to control your pricing, stock, ordering and deliveries from the shop floor or warehouse. The Piccolink connects wirelessly to your computer to give you the most up to date sales, prices, margins and stock reporting.

picco_rf601 (1)

The Piccolink handheld scanner

Have your shop in the palm of your hand!

Change your prices as you walk around the store, check how much stock you have instore, create an order for any of your suppliers while monitoring your store or keeping an eye on your tills.

Complete freedom

The Piccolink allows you the freedom to:

  • Change your prices instantly which take immediate effect
  • Check your margins against your supplier recommended prices
  • Create an order as you check your fixtures, add to your order through the day
  • Request a new label to replace missing or old ones
  • New products or barcodes can be added from the Picco
  • Adjust stock for damages, errors or waste
  • Check your stock and confirm losses and pilferage
  • Scan your deliveries as they are received, no need to check off paperwork
  • View sales as you place your order
  • Choose to order a full case or a split if available, just enter the quantity required

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