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RM2, the independent EPoS solution from
IT Retail Systems

RM2 is an independent EPoS solution for convenience retailers, giving you the tools and information to get the best margins and buying choices from your delivered suppliers or cash and carry.


RM2, the independent solution

RM2 provides many benefits to your business including:

  • Very easy and fast to change your retail prices, both for changing costs or reacting to your local competition
  • Having full knowledge of your costs means you get to control the margins you make
  • People trust scanning stores- Customers question your pricing less if you scan everything
  • Low margins are easy to identify and fix. Prices can be updated daily. Are you keeping up to date?
  • Record and monitor your wastage/damages. A vital area for margin control

Increase your turnover

Key benefits include:

  • Attract customers with offers and promotions, don’t just rely on your supplier and their deals, create your own offers where you have the stock.
  • Look at your store, do you really need 2 facings of that line? What are you selling out of all the time? Use the RM2 reports to show the growth areas and cut back on dead or slow stock.
  • Zero back stock, get the stock you need when you need it. Suggested ordering allows you to achieve this. Use your warehouse or backup area for those bulk “must have” deals or promotion stock.
  • Speed up customer time at the till. Scanning reduces queueing and allows you to up-sell offers and promotions.

In-store security

Key features include:

  • Stock control items from delivery point to customers shopping bag
  • Identify those products which are prone to theft in your local area
  • Each cashier can be checked for under-rings, mistakes and cash errors
  • Stop keying errors on Card transactions, Lottery or Pay-point terminals with integrated solutions.
  • Customers can’t switch price tickets- it scans at the price you have set
  • Enforce age restricted sales and view refusals report

RM2 Single Site Solution

Key features include:

  • Integrate your store products and supplier PLOFS
  • Compare your suppliers cost prices and change your orders accordingly
  • Multibuys, ladders deals, promotions, group discounts – your choice
  • Print labels only if you need them, save paper and time
  • Send orders electronically to your suppliers or print them out and take them with you to the cash and carry
  • Costs and price changes received overnight helping you to keep your margins in check
  • Automatically accept the latest promotions, just un-tick the ones you don’t want

RM2 Multi Site Solution

If you have more than one store, have you thought about a Multi-site EPoS solution? Those stores already operating from one centralised head office system know that not only does it save you time, money and margin, but also gives the following benefits:

  • Real-time sales reporting at head office for all stores
  • Instantly send your price changes and promotions to all stores
  • New products scan instantly.
  • Place orders at head office on behalf of your branches
  • See all branch stock movements and adjustments at head office
  • View stock levels across all stores and transfer stock between branches
  • Apply different pricing levels for selected stores.
  • Review cashier level reporting for all your employees
  • See stock take results, valuation and profit reporting by branch
  • Monitor all your cashiers from one place

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