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Integrated Credit Cards & Contactless

The UK has the highest card payment usage in Europe, meaning your customers expect to be able to pay by card fast, hassle free and always available. The Average Transaction Value (ATV) via card payments has also reduced over the last few years, meaning customers who previously used cash to pay for lower value baskets and shopping are switching to card payments. It is therefore essential you have the best solution in your store to maximise your customer experience, at an affordable price.


Why Chip and PIN?

Speed, reliability and surpassing customer expectations are key to your success

Card usage has now hit saturation, with your customers expecting to be able to use their credit or debit card to pay for even the smallest amounts. Therefore, the speed and reliability of your Chip and PIN solution is vital, as is making those payments as easy as possible for your cashiers. Even the best and most reliable cashier can make a keying error into a PDQ terminal, and this is why integrating these payments into your till is so important.

Our Solution

Our 5 star solution is the perfect fit for your business; here's why:

  • Why take 40 seconds via a telephone line when it can take less than 4 seconds via an Integrated card payment solution
  • No queues for your customers and staff!
  • Integrated into your tills for fast, accurate payments and service for your customers
  • Our integrated Chip and PIN uses broadband, no need for extra telephone lines
  • Take card payments on all your tills at the same time


Superfast Payments

We are now able to provide Contactless payments with our integrated credit card solution, meaning your customers can now pay without inserting their card into the reader and typing in their PIN. Customers can use this method of payment for any transactions under £20 (increasing to £30 September 2015), speeding up payment for both the customer and the store.

Urgent action required by Datacash Card Payment customers! See home page for details.