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Independent Stores

Independent Stores

In addition to those stores who are part of a buying group or symbol, we are proud to support and provide our software and services to independent and specialist stores. We have many independent stores including some well-known Asian specialist food stores across the UK. We also supply stores overseas in Europe and North Africa. These stores sell anything and everything, from food and household to DIY goods and home furnishings.


V B & Sons

V B & Sons have been a loyal customer of ITS for over 10 years. Growth within their business has seen the opening of 4 more stores around London, and they all use ITS Scanning systems. VB’s specialise in Asian foods, operating 6-10 checkout lanes at each of their 5 stores.


My staff were always guessing the prices at the tills which was costing me money and also leading to customer complaints. It’s all automated now with ITS, and my margins have also increased throughout the stores.


Pak Foods

From one little store in Radford in 1989, the owner of Pak Foods went on to open his first Pak Foods Supermarket in 1996, quickly expanding to open further stores in the East Midlands area. Mr Razaq now owns 5 superstores specialising in Asian foods, with a total turnover of £28 Million.


I first bought my scanning system from ITS in 2003, its now in all my five stores, and my business couldn’t do without it!



Whist Sira only have one store, they have been using the ITS system for the last 8 years, and have a large Asian food superstore in Hayes, Middlesex with 11 checkout lanes.


I have been a customer of ITS for 8 years and I would recommend their system and support team to any retailer.



Watan were established in 1974 and have since expanded to 3 stores based in Rochdale, Oldham and Bradford. They have been using the ITS system in all their stores for over 10 years.


Via the internet, I am able to use my ITS system and control my business from anywhere in the world.



Haqs have been a loyal and long standing customer of ITS for over 10 years. Located in the heart of Bradford, they have become a household name since opening in 1995. They currently occupy a 6000 sq ft store.


My main weekly order used to take me a full day, using ITS’s wireless scanner and system, I get it all wrapped up in under an hour.


Mullaco Supermarket

Mullaco opened in 1981 in Saville Town, Dewsbury and were amongst the first few supermarkets in the area to offer fresh fruit, veg and Halal meat. The Dewsbury store is 10,000 sq ft and has been modernised to the highest standards. The store is easily accessible and provides 100 car parking spaces.


Being a customer of ITS is like belonging to a family…. They really do care about you and the service is second to none

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