Need help? Call us on 01484 468710



I need help with my new system, who can I call?

Our support team can answer any questions you have, whether it be a simple question or a problem with your till. Contact us on 01484 468710 or email  Our support team are available from 8am – 7pm, Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm Saturdays. Outside of those times we offer mobile support, so you will always be able to get help.

I already have an EPOS system which is not very old. Can I upgrade to your system keeping my existing tills?

Before coming to us, some of our customers have tried other systems and chosen ITS as their long term EPOS partner. We are able to convert many existing systems both hardware and software, with few, if any new hardware purchases required. Contact our Sales team to discuss an upgrade now.

What training will I get?

On install, we will give you basic training to get you started and able to change prices, add products, set up promotions and deals, and place orders/deliveries with your suppliers. You are welcome to our offices as and when you are ready for advanced training on Stock control, calculated ordering and more.

Do I need a separate PC, or can I run everything on my till?

You don’t need to buy a PC, everything can be run from one till. For busier or larger stores we would recommend a PC, as your till may be in constant use.

Do I need to have broadband?

Yes, for ITS to provide support and maintain your system, it is important that you have a live broadband connection in your store.

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